Software for the long term

By James Cooley - September 07 2013 tags: development design git cloud static

I'm a hacker so I'll probably never use a mainstream blogging engine which probably explains why this blog has been offline for over three years :)


Guilt upon Accusation and Internet freedom in Ireland

By James Cooley - March 04 2009 tags: sliverlight gnash galway linux

There goes the Internet jolly-trolly

By James Cooley - July 08 2008 tags: ireland

MythTV talk at the Galway Linux User Group

Test-first system administration

By James Cooley - June 25 2008 tags: erlang admin xp testing python java

Abstract freedom only please

By James Cooley - June 21 2008 tags:

Hardening Hardy

By James Cooley - April 02 2008 tags: firewall ufw hardy ubuntu

Collison Brothers create Irish media legend

By James Cooley - March 29 2008 tags: ireland

Upgraded to Hardy Heron

By James Cooley - March 28 2008 tags: ubuntu

Firefox Addons and banking

By James Cooley - January 09 2008 tags: privacy security addons firefox